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‘He went out of the room. In his boxers. Again. Like the laws and principles of the universe, which were scientifically proven, I couldn’t help but scowl. He smirked. “Well, stop drooling all over me.” 

I wrinkled my nose. “Right. Good luck with your delusions.” With that, I prepared to leave.  

Cam’s jaw twitched. He walked closer to me. Closer still. His green eyes held me in place. Before I knew it, he was standing inches from me. I was holding my breath. He smiled confidently. “Falling in love with me?”

I didn’t know why... but I was speechless.’

Seventeen year-old Shea Collins’s life was pretty much falling apart. She was flunking her Physics class, she has a hundred bucks to pay to a long-lost childhood friend she could barely remember, she was receiving anonymous declarations of love from a secret admirer (which were completely embarrassing), and now her spot on the school paper is in jeopardy. 

What she wants: To keep her spot as the feature editor of the school paper. How she plans to do it: To survive being a phantom writer. A writer no one would know of. A mystery. Someone who would write gossips and rumors about students. Who she’s planning to target: Oh, just the biggest jerk of the century—Camden Sun. 

 What she’s going to get: Trouble. Lots of it. 

What she didn’t expect: The unexpected (duh). Love.

WhiskyWishers WhiskyWishers Jun 08, 2017
The summary sounds interesting .. I'm sure it'll be a good book..:-):-)
satansawthroughmydog satansawthroughmydog Oct 24, 2017
"where has she been?"
                              "and who am I?"
                              "that's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. Xoxo,gossip girl"
grayece grayece Jan 05, 2017
I've never read I book with my name this is gonna be so weird
starrynightw starrynightw May 06, 2016
I can't help but reread this book although i have many other books waiting for me to read them!! Someone please get me a life!!!
Rockinfab47 Rockinfab47 Apr 15, 2016
B*tch, her life is so far from ending!!!!! Imagine people with mental illnesses or starving children, their lives are literally 'bout to end.
EuniceGo0 EuniceGo0 Mar 02, 2016
Grabe. I can't believe that I (Too) left this in meh library for like, months.