The Businessman || Thomas Sangster AU

The Businessman || Thomas Sangster AU

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The Businessman || Thomas Sangster AU is the sequel to The Chauffeur || Thomas Sangster

Kathelyn Nicole Thompson loathed Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Thomas knew she had a good reason to; but there were just some things that even Thomas couldn't explain without doing wrong.

 But even if Katy hated him, they were still business partners of the Sangster-Thompson partnership. So she had no choice but to tolerate him through their endeavors as partners. 

When they enter a new environment, the people and history around them changes into a new slate.

So Thomas was going to do anything to get Kathelyn back.

Even if it meant breaking the rules as the heir of Sangster Corp.

Disclaimer: This story may contain alcohol and nicotine abuse, graphic details, drug use, sexual content, careless and irresponsible acts, foul language, self-harm, depression, and suicide. Basically, this book has mature content, so if you're uncomfortable with any of the concepts use, I advise you not to read this book. Otherwise, criticism is openly welcomed and I hope you enjoy :)

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OMG YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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@EmiliaKorte como se llama el fanfic de Newt q tiene 5 libros?? Etiquetame q lo quiero leer😂😂
Honestly, even though this story is tearing me apart, I can't help but cheer her fierce ass off
I’m ready to throw my phone across the room but I can’t because I’m at the airport