The Chauffeur || Thomas Sangster AU COMPLETED

The Chauffeur || Thomas Sangster AU COMPLETED

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Kathelyn Thompson was the happy-go-lucky heir to Europe-known Diamond Banks and Thomas Sangster was just her chauffeur.

As her chauffeur, Thomas saw the light and happy side of Katy. But he also witnessed the darkest corners of her mind. He knew the truth about Katy Thompson.

But the challenge wasn't saving her. 

The challenge was not to fall in love with her and not get caught.

"Anything for you, Miss Thompson"


Disclaimer: This book may contain self-harm, depression, anxiety, suicide, anorexia, foul language, violence, and a lot smut. If you're not comfortable with any of these things or if you're easily triggered,  I strongly advise you not to read this book. Otherwise, criticism is welcomed and I hope you enjoy this book.

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I am not glorifying nor romanticizing any mental illness mentioned in this book. I just wanted to spread the awareness of serious mental illnesses and destroy the stigma about these illnesses. Mental illnesses should be treated as soon as possible before it gets any worse than it already is and I wanted this book to show that. People who make fun of these issues aren't invited to read this book- honestly, go find something else to be pathetic with. With that issue cleared out- please be open minded.

Do a chapter where Thomas  proposes, they get married and honeymoon smut
TheEmoTrashCan TheEmoTrashCan Jun 11, 2016
Thomas Sangster is too hot for me to handle like wtaf I can't even.
cloudy_apples cloudy_apples Feb 12, 2016
The ship has already sailed and it's only chapter two. WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS
Speaking as an awkward fangirl with social anxiety who is also one of the most popular girls in her school one of the best ways to be confident is to act confident
Music-5sos Music-5sos Feb 22, 2016
Y does he have to both so cute and hot at the same time🔥😍
MistressMazeRunner MistressMazeRunner Nov 15, 2016
that trailer though.... i am scarred
                              I DID NOT KNOW THE TRAILER WAS EXPLICIT