Why I Can't Rule The World

Why I Can't Rule The World

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Abigail Rayne By ByFaithForFaith Completed

Sometimes, expecting something out of someone is the worst way to connect with them. 

Tin Tin Amble knows this all too well, coming from a family with a father who wants him to do everything but what Tin Tin wants to do and a mother living in fear that her marriage isn't scaling up to what she expected. Not to mention two younger siblings who he feels responsible for. 

Pressure's on to be perfect, but he's anything other than that.

In school, he's known as the High School's photographer. He carries his camera with him everywhere and is definitely in the "in" crowd. 

Then the phrase "Do it, you won't!" is directed at him in particular and he snaps. In desperation to prove himself once and for all, he gives in to prank a girl, also in his Junior class, named Alivia. 

Little did he know that the prank was all part of God's plan for something more worth while than trying to prove who he is to a bunch of kids.

{Started: 11.2.15
Finished: 3.31.16 }

(PC: andrewling || Instagram)

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RosaFoxtin RosaFoxtin Oct 19, 2017
His responsibility but look at it now, it's called the chance or opportunities
dreamsofangel dreamsofangel Jul 27, 2017
                              either this is a lie (protection) or true, but she'll break up for him or he'll break up and then she'll be comforted by Tin Tin and so on xD
                              if so, ok
                              if not, very awesome, I'm proud of you x3👏🙈😂
RosaFoxtin RosaFoxtin Sep 29, 2017
Here it goes... The beginning of a beautiful journey if only he had listened to his conscience, none of the future events would've ever happened
Trekkiehood Trekkiehood Feb 09
That was downright amazing! I loved that so much! Your characters are so lifelike and the situations completely possible. Loving this!
Cowboys2772 Cowboys2772 Mar 07
Just a girl? No man that's gonna be so much more than a girl to you soon
Christian-princess Christian-princess Sep 04, 2017
I thought this only happened in movies until my friend told me about her school!