Like Totally

Like Totally

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"I'm the sexy guy in school, and all the ladies want me. So don't act like you don't. And try not to make it seem like a surprise Princess because you just may want me a little more then they do," He grins. Why? Because he knows that all the crap that dribbled out of his mouth was so honest and truthful.          

Like Totally.           

Welcome to Adrianna Pike's world, where she lives such a normal high school life. She isn't the most popular girl in school but she is known to the population. A junior in North Lakeview and just trying to make it to her senior year with no problems.    

Then Colton Knight comes moving into her life, literally! All it took was a single bump in the hallway due to one of his numerous sexual encounters and it felt like they were joined at the hip. Not literally though.... that was until the Knight family decided to move two houses down from Adrianna's.    

Just peachy!           

Now what happens when the two people who just can't stand eachother are forced to cooperate due to their parents old friendships? Dinners, unwanted hangouts, and those late-night conversations up and down the street that leave them sleepwalking in school the next day? It doesn't sound like an entirely bad thing right?  It is when you think you're starting to develop feelings for eachother!           

Journey with Adrianna through the heartbreaks, love, and learning things in her life that she never thought she needed to know.         

WARNING: Strong Language and a case of the bubble guts : ) 
Created By: TheGirlThatLaughs_ 
Everything in this book posted, whether it's chapters, or photos belongs to me unless I say otherwise.  

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lThugLyfel lThugLyfel 4 days ago
I have a friend who had to have a parent-teacher interview with our math teacher. In the middle of the interview her mom just randomly started talking to our teacher about my friend being on her period! It was hilarious!😂😂
JustFakeIt_ JustFakeIt_ Mar 04
wow I wonder what it's like to brush your hair in the mornings
sabrina-grimm-101 sabrina-grimm-101 Nov 27, 2016
*scrolling up and down the chat to see what the hell are bubble guts*
st_x_dia st_x_dia Feb 28
people from the future 2017 are cringing so cut it off people
AIM999 AIM999 Feb 27
The high school i go nobody wears makeup. Its pretty normal hear and if you wear like highlight and those things people look weird at you.
st_x_dia st_x_dia Feb 28
nooo I would be scarred for life if I saw my parents do this