Help Me (Mini Ladd x Reader)

Help Me (Mini Ladd x Reader)

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MamaSharkyy By syaqilahaqilah Completed

(Y/N) just got fired in a job she is working in and she is disappointed. As she is crossing the road, things happen and she met a man. She find him cute and the man sure look familiar to her. 

Years passed, the man and herself grew a friendship together after hanging out for so long. Bad things happen between them. Its a life and death situation. 

Who is this man?
Will they go to the next level as couples?
Will they be safe?
What happen to them?
Who will help them?

Read this story to find out!

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Is hot chocolate a thing there? (We don't have Starbucks here)
                              I'm glad that I got fired
                              Being an electrician is way nicer!
I really hate Starbucks 
                              I'm a McDonald's girl
                              I always get the chocolate frappe
Soz Craig but being a proud Canadian I prefer Tim Hortons (WHOS WITH MEH)
Hi my name is kitty yes im called that a lot you have a weird name to so I mean yeah XD idk y I wrote this
Freaking???? The Tyler we know and love does NOT speak this way.
                              Dafuq bro?