Suck it up Naruto world, you're stuck with me!

Suck it up Naruto world, you're stuck with me!

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Smudgster By Smudgster Updated Jun 21, 2017

That is earth's description of me. Why? I'm different... I can do things other people cant do, things sort of like controlling air... Alright, exactly like controlling air. I can't really say I look normal either, I look about as messed up as a 13 year old girl can look. With one red eye, one blue eye, snow white hair and a scar going diagonally down my face, I don't inspire people to think 'Wow, she looks positively ordinary.' And thats forgetting about the scars covering just about every inch of my body (courtesy of my foster mum, foster dad and basically everyone in town).

Summing up my life on earth: It sucks Sasuke's hair (duck's ass)

Oh did I forget to mention that I'm a major Narutard? 

Back to the intro... my whole life turns around when I get stuck in an anime. I get friends, I get a family, and I get a whole bunch of people wanting to kill me. What could go wrong?! 


(Sorry, this is my first fan-fiction I have actually posted on a website, so sorry if it sucks, if you would give it a try that would be great! thx)

ONLY my OC/OC's belong to me
Every thing else belongs to the one and only Kishimoto (spl?)

Mokagirl101 Mokagirl101 Mar 28
Bitch they just jelly that your hair is as beautiful as snow
Rima_Chaan Rima_Chaan Feb 23
It's a word in Sasukes hn dictionary that hasn't been found yet
Ai_hato_Hikura_Yami3 Ai_hato_Hikura_Yami3 Oct 14, 2017
Omg I love Matt he cares so much for her. But it would have been cool if he was a secret yarndere or admirier.
Mokagirl101 Mokagirl101 Mar 28
*sniff sniff* my true best friend *wipes imaginary tear away*
IceMagic896 IceMagic896 Mar 13
I think the person’s a lot too overpowered. Faster than Gai? Seriously? But this is my comment.
I don't really get why she didn't just cover 1 eye like kikashi