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Merthur. Dreams coming true ✔

Merthur. Dreams coming true ✔

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Tilde Lövberg By TildeLvberg Completed

Merlin's been Arthurs manservant for four months. How long will it be until they have the courage to tell each other how they feel? Are they going to ignore the people who dislike their relationship. The prince of Camelot in love with a servant. Or to be more specific 'his manservant'. 

This is a Merthur love story. You've been warned.

I do not own this characters. I only made up the whole romance part and the adventures they're going on. This series belongs to BBC's Merlin. 
The characters are played as they are in the series.
Is now Completed.

Angels435 Angels435 Dec 08, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              I have to say
                              That escalated quickly
- - Apr 20, 2016
Please don't kill my baby with kisses. He is your hubby, but he must be alive for you to be married, Arthur. Beautiful, rough sex will do.
R3d_R1d1ng_Hood R3d_R1d1ng_Hood Apr 17, 2016
Just a vase... Completely normal to throw a vase at people...
MaxZtrikes MaxZtrikes Feb 20
Those ain't bandits son
                              That was some  fangirls that jumped out of nowhere. You may continue
Angels435 Angels435 Dec 08, 2016
I thought Merlin would have heard that first with those ears of his, I mean seriously though I wonder if he can get any radio stations with those ears.
SecretDCheesecake SecretDCheesecake Dec 13, 2016
I know you want them mhmm
                              I know you it mhmm
                              I know you want merthurrrrrr
                              I know you ship it mm