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True love

True love

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The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Oct 07, 2016

P.O.V. Third

It was a nice quiet day [name] was asleep on his soft bed and silky smooth covers or at least he was until that damnable alarm clock went off. 


[Name] hit the top of the alram clock and proceeded to pick it up and throw it across the room. (With enough force to smash it)

"Stupid alarm I was having a nice dream" [Name] said a bit annoyed with the now shattered device.

[Name] then started to do some breathing exercises to calm himself he didn't have a bad temper he usually managed to keep it under control but when he did snap you don't want to be the unlucky fellow on the receiving end it's not a pretty sight to say the least.

[Name] was already on edge today because his father was making him go to a new school. A school for hunters his father and mother were hunters apparently they were some of the best there were.

[Name] got up and put on a pair of purple jeans and [f/c] shirt before he slipped on a [secondf/c] hoodie and headed out to his new scho...

Why is man not wearin his normal roadman puffa jacket ini FAM
                              Ay yo wagwan piff ting what's your bbn pin
Badlands_raider Badlands_raider Apr 15, 2016
Well black would be nice but purple is close enough for this
KateMauShipper KateMauShipper Feb 13, 2016
I look gay, I'm wearing purple pants, a pink shirt, and a yellow hood
Shanenku Shanenku Oct 28, 2015
so will I so will I ( looks at a cowering noble )be glad I stopped gold heart from killing you lost pause shesh man your better than that.