The Trailokya Trilogy, Book 2: Burning Down

The Trailokya Trilogy, Book 2: Burning Down

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K. Williams By KellyWilliams701 Updated Feb 21, 2016

Book 2 of The Trailokya Trilogy  - free on kindle until 9/10/2108!!!!


"This is a world you'll be hard pressed to leave, a world that is so detailed and intricately woven that you'll yearn to return to it after reading the final paragraph." - Kara Storti, author of Tripping Back Blue
Return to Trailokya as Captain Maiel prepares an incarnation to aid her husband to finally rise. Her memory muddled, she is restive with the assurances of the elders. Suspicion proceeds in the fog of recent history. Shadows lurk on the fringe of perception, vigilant, calculating a time to strike. Thus, solace evades her.

A bio-interface named Holly becomes key in the struggle between worlds. The darkness on Earth is more powerful and it spies weakness. Friends are not who they appear. Loved ones are taken by vice and indifference. Is there anyone left to trust? Is hope enough to rise?

The only certainty is someone will Burn Down.

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