Zodiac Book

Zodiac Book

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☆ Your Shooting Star ☆ By Aquarii_Star Completed

Zodiac short stories, drawings, scenarios, and other random zodiac stuff!
Characters are not 100% accurate.

One of my characters from my TZM series is also involved in this.


  • aquarius
  • aries
  • cancer
  • capricorn
  • gemini
  • humor
  • leo
  • libra
  • pisces
  • romance
  • sagittarius
  • scorpio
  • tuarus
  • virgo
  • zodiacs
Marvelgal3 Marvelgal3 Aug 08, 2017
A f>}¥~^¥ Virgo seriously!!!??♏️ ( jk if you are one I love you to death but I hardcore ship Scorpio with Pisces
aquariangie2005 aquariangie2005 Sep 30, 2017
Wow....its really true...My friends are Gemini, libra and Sagittarius..  cancer is also my good friend....
whydo15 whydo15 Oct 05, 2017
Haha this is all false for me except for brown hair and friend Taurus....never a love interest tho
-keiith -keiith Feb 12
My friend pieces is a boy..
                              And he teases me about my height.. HELL HE TEASES EVEERRYONE
Vozoic Vozoic Sep 05, 2017
Lol, I'm a Gemini and I have a crush on a Leo
                              Is it a coincidence? 😂
Marvelgal3 Marvelgal3 Aug 08, 2017
Oh hheeelll no you best back the hell up off my girl/man ♏️