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I don't blame you. I never did.  by buckys-doll-3000
I don't blame you. I never did. by Bucky’s doll
"Why won't you go and talk to her buck?" "Because if I go in there and she tries to kill me... I'm not going to stop her" ~~~~~~~~~ Your found by t...
When Sparks Fly by ChloeReds
When Sparks Flyby C. C. Red
After the blip is reversed the remaining Avengers have to figure out how to carry on without their leaders, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Some have managed to find a new...
Peter Parker x reader | Warmed up  by SophieParker1304
Peter Parker x reader | Warmed up by flies0677
You're parents died when you were 10, you were taken by Hydra and trained to be an assassin. But when your mission against the Avengers goes wrong, how are you going to...
The Curious Tales of Evelyn Stark by justcallmeEllie0809
The Curious Tales of Evelyn Starkby justcallmeEllie0809
Evelyn "Evie" Stark was the younger sister of Howard Stark. Tony's aunt. After Captain America went into the ice Evelyn volunteered to be her brother's test su...
DADDY → BUCKY BARNES AU by strangerwyatt
In which a drug lord finds his queen. "Listen doll, do you want the diamond or not?" COPYRIGHT @STRANGERWYATT ©2020
Avengers smuts  by sammy1254
Avengers smuts by Sam
Just smuts for you horny bitches
Orphan X avengers wrong number by marvel_maximoff11
Orphan X avengers wrong numberby Kennedy
Y/n is an orphan mutant, her powers first showed When she was 2 and is now 13. She doesn't Have full control of her powers. She has powers or controlling electricity and...
Battle scars (Bucky Barnes x reader) by Bluewonder88
Battle scars (Bucky Barnes x reade...by Bluewonder88
COMPLETED What happens when you add a third to the dynamic duo of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes? Y/n was best friends with Bucky and Steve until they both left her alone...
Pure Bucky smut by ajBarnesMcu
Pure Bucky smutby ajBarnesMcu
Just sex with Bucky. That's it. Al sorts of different smutty situations with y/n and bucky
Marvel Smut and Fluff by AvengeTheAvengers123
Marvel Smut and Fluffby AvengerFan
Just the good old Marvel Smut and Fluff story! I'll be doing Reader x Avenger. Tony Steve Bruce Clint Loki Thor Natasha Tell me if I missed any!
It's complicated ~ black widow x reader  by NatashasWidow71
It's complicated ~ black widow x r...by Jessica :)
This story is about Tony Starks daughter y/n Stark, who recently joined the avengers and a certain redhead caught her eye. Does this redhead feel the same way? Will they...
Tony stark//one shots  by Marvelous-marvelsss
Tony stark//one shots by Marvelous-marvelsss
The first few are transferred from my Peter Parker//avengers one shot book. The new ones start at 'spectacular glory'. Tony stark angst, whump, sick fics, and more.
Wresting from Danger by minnie017585
Wresting from Dangerby Minnie
Morgan was the sister to the one and only Tony Stark. She lived with him along with all the other Avengers in their facility upstate. When Captain America goes to find t...
Let me fight for you/ Wanda X Nat by marvelromanoff04
Let me fight for you/ Wanda X Natby Marvel.Romanoff
This story takes places after the events of Sokovia. Young Maximoff twin, Wanda has been struggling to fit in as an avenger and mourning the death of her twin brother Pi...
Reactions- yn being captured by hydra  by creativeminds04
Reactions- yn being captured by hy...by Marvel_yn04
Marvel characters reacting to you being captured by hydra. What happened and what's the solution
My Tumblr Works by starshipsofstarlord
My Tumblr Worksby starshipsofstarlord
A collection of my tumblr works, put here on Wattpad. @starshipsofstarlord on tumblr, I write multifandom imagines. I will not take requests through this site, I only do...
Friendly Reminder (an avengers fan fiction) by Honeybunchsof5sos
Friendly Reminder (an avengers fan...by Honey
A girl fresh out of high school has a huge secret She's stuck at age 18 and has been sense 1718. Shes lived through many things but when she meets the avengers her whol...
Natasha Romanoff x female reader  by lynngeraeds
Natasha Romanoff x female reader by lynngeraeds
You're around 27 years old, blonde hair and blue eyes You're a new Avenger, you have the power to control 2 elements (earth and fire) I do not own any of the characters...
Chris evans smut by lizziesslut
Chris evans smutby buckyswifee
Traduzco smuts de tumblr. Incluye: •Chris Evans. •Andy Barber. •Steve Rogers. •Ransom Drysdale.
Avengers One-Shots and Imagines by wandamaximoffismine
Avengers One-Shots and Imaginesby wandamaximoffismine
these are just some random scenarios about the avengers that make me feel better. if you have any requests or want a new character introduced let me know<3 REQUESTS...