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Don't You Wanna See A Man Up Close? (BoyxBoy) [Book 1]

Don't You Wanna See A Man Up Close? (BoyxBoy) [Book 1]

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aka-me By aka-me Completed

Dan is forced to accompany his friends to the local strip club he walks by every morning. 

But he soon figures out that his shy character isn't made for something like that. 

While others would be thrilled to get a lap dance from a hot guy, Dan feels extremely uncomfortable and when he gets turned on by it he's ready to run away.

But what happens when he bumps into the stripper on his way to his friends?


"The cold wind wraps itself around my body and goose bumps appear on my exposed arms. A line of at least a hundred people flows around the corner of the street and they're all here for the same reason; getting a lap dance from an amazingly attractive guy, or girl. 

Bill, Conner, Cas and Frank stand in front of me, all four with big smiles on their faces. They are ready to walk inside that building and have some stranger grind onto their laps and leave them hanging just when they have a raging boner. The excitement is clear on their faces."

ThDeathOfaWriter ThDeathOfaWriter Dec 11, 2016
Little Guy and Bouncer number three ship is getting ready to set sail!
Anna1016 Anna1016 Nov 06, 2016
He might be gay if he doesn't look at boobs either............... And this is boyxboy
SupernaturalRocks19 SupernaturalRocks19 Sep 30, 2016
Ooh. this is pure awesome. Hm, this may turn me on a little too.
bxbboyz bxbboyz Jan 25
Kdjdjckskdjckdksjd I immediately clicked on the book because of the lyrics! TROYE SIVAN!!! NMSMWDNDKSJKCKSJCD
Bitch_Im_A_Queen Bitch_Im_A_Queen Oct 15, 2016
I don't even know who top he is so shy😳. I need him to bottom 😏😏
KJuette KJuette Jun 14, 2016
Before even reading this chapter I freaked out because 1) Troye Sivan, and 2) Dan Howell?!?!my heart hurts already and I love you for it