Dragon Mating Season {Fairy Tail}

Dragon Mating Season {Fairy Tail}

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cheychey200056 By cheychey200056 Updated Mar 06, 2016

Fairy tail mating season.

The dragon slayers start to act weird. Team Natsu gets back from a job and Natsu is clinging to Lucy, Wendy won't leave Romeo alone, Laxus keeps hugging Mira while she's behind the counter, and Gajeel is holding Levy on his lap and letting her read while he listens. Something has changed since the magic games and some one needs to get to the bottom of this. A few days after all this happened the girls wake up and their whole life changes.

There are going to be:


*none of these characters belong to me. I just a huge fan that loves the anime.*

  • fairytail
  • gajeel
  • laxus
  • levy
  • lucy
  • mira
  • natsu
  • rowen
  • wendy
Mavis_Dragneel13 Mavis_Dragneel13 Jun 02, 2017
Try watching anime-- wait. No. That just makes you stay up longer.....
I see, so they take on a trait of the dragon slayers power that they are shipped with...Nice
crybaby_dragneel crybaby_dragneel Jul 12, 2017
Me: Hello darkness my old friend
                              Darkness: bitch im not cho fren
blakeej blakeej Apr 28, 2017
She's the she devil so she probably doesn't get much sleep, so now that all this is happening she's actually able to sleep now
Talltail369 Talltail369 May 07, 2017
Wow only Mira was able to sleep well while everyone else has a hard time! 😂
dalek21 dalek21 Jun 12, 2017
I'm sorry I don't like it when Wendy is apart of the mating season but good job on the story 😋