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La Douleur Exquise: a Percico Story

La Douleur Exquise: a Percico Story

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catessa By tessaandcat Updated Aug 22, 2016

la douleur exquise; the exquisite pain of wanting someone that you know you can never have. It's the main feeling Nico di Angelo has felt his entire teenage life. As Percy and Annabeth continue their relationship, Nico might just crack under the pressure of dreaming and lusting after the clueless son of Poseidon. However, Percy's concern for Nico may just be the shimmer of hope he needs.

all characters/original story rights to Rick Riordan.

That's me ALWAYS my best friend (cael)has this HUGE crush on this girl(aria). He doesn't know that she stabbed me he also doesn't know that I cry my self to sleep because I LOVE HIM
EzraMatical EzraMatical Aug 30, 2016
DAMN I dead thought he probably had on some 12s or something. 😫
That is me 24/7. My crush likes this other girl who use to my friend but then bullied me without him knowing. I wish he knew how mean she is but oh well.
Vampiresinlove Vampiresinlove Sep 14, 2016
People might be awwing at this reunion but actually I'm Worried that Nico had to see it
Princess_Moon_Angel Princess_Moon_Angel Aug 11, 2016
Yep I was right. I wonder if Nico froze there or shadow-traveled away..
Princess_Moon_Angel Princess_Moon_Angel Aug 11, 2016
Aww, I loved this beginning! You and Tessa are going to do a great job; I can tell. Hope you continue and finish! ♡♡