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Warriors: Pebblescar's Reality

Warriors: Pebblescar's Reality

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The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Completed

A horror like no other rises up itself in the Clans, causing a disturbance that shakes the forest's roots. Pebblescar, a loyal RiverClan warrior, is loved by all those in his Clan, always doing the right thing for everyone. Whoever he meets, he can befriend, and he always seemed to make good decisions. But in another reality, the blood on his paws is far greater than anyone could imagine . . . and in that world, he's a murderer, feared by all those who hear his name. Every night when Pebblescar sleeps, he wakes up in each alternate reality, as the same cat with different intentions. But Pebblescar himself doesn't know who he is anymore, especially when the horrors of each world reach him to the core. 

Who is Pebblescar, really, and what world does he actually belong in? Follow along in this captivating mystery, and this never-ending blood-bath of a cat with two different fates that'll never compare with any other.
(Bootiful cover by @FrostFireWarriorCat)

Meraki37 Meraki37 9 hours ago
Everyone instantly hates Cinderclaw but I sort of like them-
KittyStrike KittyStrike a day ago
Well you should not have had those anger issues you idiotic scrap of fur.
_-Supernova_- _-Supernova_- Oct 13, 2016
I would have done exactly the same that a bad thing?😂
DatDragonJuliette21 DatDragonJuliette21 Sep 10, 2016
This is Firestar whenever Greystripe tells him about waffles DD
- - Nov 02, 2016
Yay, he's no longer annoying!!! Although, he might be in StarClan (or wherever else he went after he died)
tacocat1423 tacocat1423 Sep 06, 2016
That escalated, but I'm kinda glad I did it, although I all of a sudden feel bad for cinderclaw, I dun know, I always feel this way when cats die