Titanium (A One Direction Adoption Story) [Under Major Editing]

Titanium (A One Direction Adoption Story) [Under Major Editing]

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MJ Collins, a fourteen year old, has been living in the adoption center her whole life. The reason she was there, no one knew. She knows that she'll never get adopted. 

She's a geek. She's the bullied girl. Who would adopt a girl with that much to carry? No one! Or so she thought. 

What happens when two different worlds collide and MJ gets adopted by people who she once thought was unreachable? 

Read to find out. 

Author's Note : Sorry for the short summary, but I promise that the story is WAY better. This is my first fan fiction, so please bear with me. Please don't hesitate to follow us, and go vote too! :D 
We apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. We are slowly editing are way through the story though. And we also apologize for awkward spacings you might encounter as you read. Since Wattpad changed its format, some things don't appear as it used to. 

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Thanks! God bless! :D xx

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minna_12_ minna_12_ Sep 29, 2017
Atta girl and The_Rouge_Fox when and where ain't nobody gonna get away with saying that to niall he's a cupcake
ireadyourbookjane ireadyourbookjane May 18, 2016
Niall is perfectly imperfect he needed braces and has glasses. He is perfect
- - Jul 21, 2016
I'll just guess and say that the chapters are song references...
                              Patrick Voice:I LOVE IT!!!
PhoenixPowers PhoenixPowers Apr 09, 2016
Can u tell me the girl on the cover I swear I seen her somewhere before
kpop_lover16 kpop_lover16 Aug 27, 2013
I don't only love your story but also your new book cover. <3