The Eventers Club

The Eventers Club

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Equestrian for Life! By Dressage_Queen Completed

Evelyn Holloway's life seemed perfect. Being the daughter of a wealthy business tycoon and a professional model meant that everything was handed to her on a gold plated platter, even if she didn't want it. With her pedigreed horses and world-class riding instructors, Eves life revolved around horses. However, Eve is constantly under the watch of her parents' critical eyes with expectations of nothing less than perfectionism. To top everything off, Eve had learned that people always try to use her for her status and money. Eve believes she'll never meet a decent person who could look past her wealth, someone she could maybe call a friend.

...Then she meets Ashleigh

Ashleigh Sutton is Eves polar opposite. Rocked by her parents' crippling divorce, the only thing Ashleigh seems to have left in her life is her love of horses and a passion for riding. However, her parents' split has left her with barely enough money to afford anymore riding lessons, much less her dream...a horse of her own. Worse, Ashleigh has learned that the people she thought were her friends were really only being her friends out of pity. Ashleigh feels as if there is nobody in the world who can look past her less than desirable home situation and be a true friend.

...Then she get's a job at Eves stable.

Working all summer in exchange for riding lessons and showing opportunities seemed like a dream come true for Ashleigh and having a group of people her age with the same love for horses seemed perfect for Eve. However, the group of aspiring equestrians is more competitive than either girl had thought, everyone fighting for the top spot.

Time for a summer filled with horses, drama...and maybe friendship...

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