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Daminette. The Princess's Bethroded by Lovely_Crystal1412
Daminette. The Princess's Bethrodedby Lovely _Crystal1412
After the bonding ritual of Princess Marinette heir to the throne of England and China & guardian of Miraculous and Damian Al-Ghul (Wayne) Read to find out what happen...
Cinderella My Ass by Shanixbae22
Cinderella My Assby Abbigayle Williams
Life for Miranda Burke gradually got worse since her father died. Having to live with that evil woman she has to call "Mother" doesn't make it any better, bett...
rich ✰ brantley gilbert! by _AMLESTER
rich ✰ brantley gilbert!by 𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐞𝐲!
❝ oh shit! i'd be rich! ❞ in which ! she stumbles into country music bad boy and develops feelings for him! [BRANTLEY GILBERT] [©_AMLESTER 2018] [NUMBER ONE IN BGNATION...
Dolphin Tale 6 by UnderTheBlueSkies
Dolphin Tale 6by Catherine
Sequel to DOLPHIN TALE 5 by UnderTheBlueSkies. If you have not read DOLPHIN TALE 3/4/5 by UnderTheBlueSkies, please do so before reading this story. It is crucial that...
Sawyer x Hazel  *completed* by bloopie_blah
Sawyer x Hazel *completed*by bloopie_blah
Sawyer is back from his 3 month trip. He comes back with feelings for hazel but he isn't sure if she feels the same way. Hazel has always had feelings for Sawyer but she...
Dolphin Tale 2 by LogansNarnia
Dolphin Tale 2by sunset
YAY! After a long wait, Dolphin Tale 2 is BACK!!!! After leaving CMA in Florida years ago for a new job in Florida, Cameron Shin decides to go back home. But a death int...
Dolphin Tale 3 | READ DESCRIPTION  by NRHunter
Dolphin Tale 3 | READ DESCRIPTION by easton reed
Dolphin tale 3 by Kylagrace21
Dolphin tale 3by Kyla grace
( I don't own dolphin tale or dolphin tale 2 this is just for fun) Sawyer comes back from SEA semester and reunites with his friends and family. There at two ne...
Dolphin Tale 7 by UnderTheBlueSkies
Dolphin Tale 7by Catherine
Sequel to DOLPHIN TALE 6 by UnderTheBlueSkies. * I do not own DOLPHIN TALE or DOLPHIN TALE 2. Nothing belongs to me, with the exception of all OC's and the plot. Cred...
my name CAN be mama today ✰ brantley gilbert by _AMLESTER
my name CAN be mama today ✰ 𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐞𝐲!
"my name can be mama today!" in which! her name can be mama today!
Is it Fate? (MLB X KNY) by Lovely_Crystal1412
Is it Fate? (MLB X KNY)by Lovely _Crystal1412
Marinette X Tanjiro Miraculous Ladybug X Demon Slayer What will happen if our Beloved Ladybug got sent back to Taisho period and a certain burgundy boy found her? What...
Emailed by a Fool by 2HappyTacoz
Emailed by a Foolby Sean and Alyssa
He is S'ban. She is Bobbie He found her email address on the floor of the creature's classroom. What did he do? Emailed it. Now follow through their hilarious conversat...
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Dolphin Tale Fanfiction by jaeminslostboba
Dolphin Tale Fanfictionby jaemins wife (real)
basically what i want to happen after dolphin tale 2 hehe
More Than Friends?(Dolphin Tale fanfiction) by dlk5800
More Than Friends?(Dolphin Tale dlk5800
Sawyer Nelson and Hazel Haskett have been best friends since Sawyer started working at CMA because he saved Winter. When Sayer leaves for his three month sea trip, Hazel...
Life At CMA: Dolphin Tales 2 Book by ServiceK9Mason1
Life At CMA: Dolphin Tales 2 Bookby Luna & Mason
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Hazel wasn't the only child with the Haskett's. Now's your chance to find out for sure. Follow Crystal and Hazel as they...
how friendship begins | dolphin tale by jaeminslostboba
how friendship begins | dolphin jaemins wife (real)
- please ignore the cover, i couldnt find one atm - regular, long, boring days at clearwater marine aquarium as usual. days slowly get exciting as sawyer nelson finally...
Dolphin Tale 3: History Of The Mermaid by JessicaClaus07
Dolphin Tale 3: History Of The Jessica Claus
3 months after Sawyer and Kyle both left for Boston, CMA has been rescuing more injured animals and releasing them back into the wild or keeping in the aquarium. But, wh...
Faith and Holly, A Dolphin Tale Fanfic by chocolate-piano
Faith and Holly, A Dolphin Tale ~
This is a dolphin tale Fanfiction I created similar to dolphin tale 2. It still involves the C.M.A. (Clearwater Marine Aquarium), Sawyer, Hazel, and many other things, b...
Dolphin Tale 3 by seaofpinkdolphins
Dolphin Tale 3by ☺️
Sawyer has been in SEA semester for over 3 months now and can't wait to get back to CMA to see winter and hope and especially Hazel. What happens when he comes back? wi...