The Ice-Mage (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)

The Ice-Mage (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)

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You were always friends with everybody in the guild. Ever since your family stranded you in the forest, you've been part of Fairy Tail. 

But before Fairy Tail, you met a dragon. That dragon taught you Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic. But one day, he disappeared, leaving you alone.

On one fateful day, a teenage boy, around the age of 18, found you wandering alone. He took you to Fairy Tail and you joined. The boys name was Gray Fullbuster.

But what will happen after the 7 year gap incident of Tenrou Island?

- -

cover by ; @miss-vixen

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LeeJhaydee LeeJhaydee Apr 13
Kino, is also from the anime called Diabolik Lovers, is the illegitimate son of Karlheinz.
For some reason, when I read his name, I think it's saying Genji. Don't ask. My mind is weird.
The mighty firemelon.
                              Also my dirty, dirty mind.
                              I must ask a certain shorty (though I am shorter) to clean it.
I get it now!! When he comes back I'm going the be 17.... but Wendy will still be 10 and she was my bff!Nooo!!!
                              Gray: AHHHH!! *Searches for his long lost clothes*
                              Me; That's a bad habbit...
NekoMia546 NekoMia546 3 days ago
This chapter is killing me and I don’t know why! Help... I just read a very sad story and I was laughing my ass of while my girlfriend was crying.