Dragon Slayer Protector (NatsuXReader) <BOOK 1>

Dragon Slayer Protector (NatsuXReader) <BOOK 1>

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(Y/n) (Y/l/n) has been a Fairy Tail Mage for a long time, since she was a child. She has a history with Gray and Erza. She is also a Dragon Slayer, one that has been lost for thousands of years.

But when a pink haired guy comes in Fairy Tail and befriend her closest friend Lisanna, things go a bit down for her. 

Years later, Lisanna is gone, she's blamed herself for her death. (Y/n) was at that job with Elfman and Mirajane, and she was close to Lisanna, but (Y/n) wasn't fast enough to save her. 

Lucky, she had Natsu and Happy by her side. Eventually, Natsu let you live with him and Happy. Which made (Y/n) crush on him even more hard to hide. 

Then, about two years later (or so), Natsu, Happy, and (Y/n) met Lucy Heartfilia and things starts to heat up with Natsu and (Y/n)..

Along with something else that becomes revealed later on, changing Fairy Tail's and (Y/n)'s life

(NOTE: This is based on the anime of Fairy Tail, I will mix up the wording so it'll make sense. Credits to go the original makers.)

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Wait but......if she hags out with Ur and Gray......does that mean she also strips on habit.
                              *grabs a whiteboard marker, and scribbles the k on Akua, and replaces it with a T.*
                              Now it’s 
                              (I hope someone gets the reference)
KaylaDragneel_777 KaylaDragneel_777 6 days ago
Dont make me laugh plz i cant wake up the other people in the house
oh so its not simple to explain four words DEMON DRAGON SLAYER MAGIC
Oh wow! It’s my walking meme of a friend Damon! One of my friends, Max, called him Demon... Damon doesn’t like it.
Me:Oh hey look it’s lyron* that’s what I first called him when I saw his name In the manga.
                              Ly(r)on:I TOLD YOU MY NAME IS NOT LYRON ITS LYON
                              Me: oh I got it now!
                              Ly(r)on: finally
                              Ly(r)on: WHAT THE FU-
                              Me: LANGUAGE