Blind Date  (Completed)

Blind Date (Completed)

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What happens when your twin sister asks you to break up with her boring and stiff boyfriend? Will sparks fly or will he simply dismiss her. When sexy FBI Agent Chase Denson meets the lovely Sasha Worthington he instantly falls for her.  Sasha unknowingly becomes a target of one of her criminal clients, will Chase be the one to save her? This is an interracial story with mature sexual sex content.   There are private chapters (Chapter 3  and epilogue) so you must be a follower to read it.

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terilowe terilowe Aug 29
This story must have been out awhile but looks like all the rest of urs Awesome
Sorry doesn't give her her money back. But you can say sorry by paying her back
ImJustReese ImJustReese Nov 01
And my size 3 foot reminds me of you,  every time I look at it.
nwest123 nwest123 Sep 09
Bahaha what an idiot..she agrees to do this favor for her sister but never gets the guys description.  Lol.
caligyrl22 caligyrl22 Jul 01, 2015
I  love how your writing draws your reader into the story. Now sashamae you are not as bright as you look. But a least ole boi knows he may have a chance.
mfoxee6 mfoxee6 Jun 30, 2015
That was funny she went to meet a guy and did not even get his description , then ended up telling him everthing.