The Driver. (Editing)

The Driver. (Editing)

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"Sir. I've done my job. Is there anything else?"  I smiled cockily.

"I specifically asked for a male driver, you're obviously an woman. I should get a refund for the amount I've paid for this. I'm tired of women trying to do me or manipulate me instead of just doing their jobs." 

Was he insane? I just had to spell it out for this dumb ass.

"Well sir, I have no intention of doing you, manipulating you, much less continuing this conversation with you, I did my job. I assure you I am not interested...

Renee's a laid back type a girl and she hates billionaires.

Lamar's too arrogant for his own good. 

Never would he think he would find a black woman who intrigued him like Renee.  He realizes she's different from all women period and he wanted her in his life despite all obstacles. But a bad beginning has Renee stubborn to so much as imagine life with a white man.

#Interracial love story.

Please don't take offense to anything in this book. As long as you are voting, I'm updating.

We about to throw hands, Renee and I are about to double team this bitch
LOL Yassssssss <33333333 And Yasssssss Melanin STAY Beautiful!
bb2410 bb2410 Jun 04
That's not necessarily true about billionaires but I guess everyone has their opinions lol
"Yea I do , your the man that's gonna take his grubby hand off me before I break them"
Marie-Ping Marie-Ping Apr 22
😂I like her attitude. Don't take crap from no one my girl, no matter what bloods station you are in life. Hell I'm loving this book already😆😄
bb2410 bb2410 Jun 04
What kind of thought is that? I mean yes melanin, but that was such a random thought.