Ten | newtmas

Ten | newtmas

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Ava Kay By ava-kay Updated Mar 08

For seventeen year old Newt, the number ten is everything.
Ten knocks on the door, ten turns of the handle, ten times you must switch the lights on and off.
When he's put in a mental institution for his extreme OCD, depression and anxiety, he meets some unlikely friends.
And possibly the boy he's been looking for his whole life.

WARNING: content may be TRIGGERING for some (deals with various mental illnesses)

most characters from The Maze Runner by James Dashner, I do not own them.

p.s.- if newt says anything that seems ignorant towards mental illnesses, please know I'm trying to portray a teenager who doesn't understand yet, and that he eventually will understand!

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I have OCD only its not as severe as Newts. I also have Severe anxiety and depression. I struggle with seven mental disorders and one eating disorders. You honestly can write a character with OCD really well.
uksangster uksangster Feb 06
ok if the asylum isn’t called the glade or the maze i’m suing
I hate when people ask me that and I just stare at them like 'Oh, I'm all fine, just sprained my wrist to where it swelled immediately. I'm not screaming in pain. Nope. Not screaming.'