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The Nerdy Girl By HiddenKnight Updated Nov 02

Whisper Woods. Yes, that's a name. Whispers life is a little bit different from what you would expect. She is quiet, shy,kind,sweet and overall a non-judgmental person. She smiles,she cries,she feels, the only difference is that her family is different. They communicate in a different way.

They use sign language.

Why? Well,both of Whispers parents are deaf, meaning that they don't hear a thing. They can't hear; they can't talk. The weird thing is that Whisper can.

She can hear, she can talk and in addition she can communicate in sign language. Sign language is like second nature to her.

So,her life was normal -just silent at home- until she bumped into Maddox. The school's bad boy, the school's outcast. He's mysterious, built like a Greek God, every girls dream and keeps to himself. He has only two friends,their like a little gang- all of them silent to everyone.

Everyone judge's them thats why Maddox was surprised when Whisper bumped into him and mumbled a sorry,smiled and walked on. Without shaking of fear. Without flirting with him. Without judging.

Watch a boy filled  with a painful life an girl with a silent life mix together to discover a path they have never knew existed for them.

Note: If any of you are wondering it is possible to have deaf parents and be able to hear, it's just very rear!!!!

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In a story with deaf characters, you maybe should be a bit more careful about typos involving signing versus sighing
rtaylor101 rtaylor101 Mar 10
hence every bad boy named Xavier or gage or blade or roman or Xander or Ashton or Blake or anything like that
Zozo593 Zozo593 Nov 03
Really love this. But the parents and inside are spelt incorrectly.
Was he shirtless,or his shirt super tight?
                              Cause I don't know how she knows the guy has a six pack.
Actually, like it a lot. I love Whispers already :) and it really is interesting
Did you... did they just RUIN THAT POOR HELPLESS BOOK?! *grabs knives, sporks, spears and swords and places them all over my body* Prepare to meet your doom...