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You Have No Idea, My Dear Alpha

You Have No Idea, My Dear Alpha

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Megan By eternity_xx Completed

••He pushes me against a wall, like yesterday, but this time he starts trailing small kisses along my collar bone and up my neck before whispering in my ear.  
"You really shouldn't talk to me like that sweetheart."     
I focus on not letting my trembling lips influence my voice.   
"Why should I listen to you?"     
He continues trailing kisses along my neck,   
"Because you're mine."••        

Mara Banks isn't a normal teenager. She was left as a newborn baby on someones doorstep and taken in and cared by her new parents. But, something unusual happens on her thirteenth birthday.       

She shifts into a tiger.        

Now she is seventeen and she gets seen in her tiger form by some hunters, her family have no option but to move to a small town and start fresh. Little did the family know that they were now in someone's territory; werewolf territory. There her life changes when bad boy, Ryder Jackson shows up.       

Why does Mara get lost in his glorious green eyes and get tingles every time he touches her? All she knows is that she has to keep her secret, what will her new friends think if they find out?        

But what happens when these hunters won't give up? Mara needs to make her decision of letting her secret out to her friends. Because not only Mara, but Ryder will get hurt if she chooses wrong.

Highest rank: #9 werewolf
•••Irregular occurring coarse language•••

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AsunaNixWolf AsunaNixWolf 6 days ago
hey um.. I can't help but to see you said Weretiger. I mean i get it but shouldn't it be WiteTiger, nech’i āwirē(White tiger) that comes from where tiger were from originally, or you could do nech’i shinitiri (Striped in White), or nech’i gari t’ik’uri (Black with white).
.-Sarah, Alisha, Elizabeth, Maybelle, Fred, George, Charlie, Ronald
                              *- Sky
Who els thinks that it would be so cool to have a character that's albino
Well they don't know that your a werecat there going to think that your a rouge and probably might want to kill you so yeah
xxlisehxx xxlisehxx 4 days ago
My mom was just turning 21 when she had me... Same with my dad