A Slip into the Past (boyxboy)

A Slip into the Past (boyxboy)

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emiljohnsonn By emiljohnsonn Updated Jul 22, 2016

Aidyn Summers had just turned eighteen years old. With a start to his new life, a new town, and new friends. Aidyn was out and proud-feeling happier than ever. Except there was one thing that left him feeling unsettled. Everywhere he went, there was always a trace of something about a boy named James Bennett. A fifteen year old student who went missing. He was last seen on a trail cam, entering into the forest.

With a cash reward of ten thousand dollars. On a drunken night, Aidyn and his friends decided they were going to enter the forest and look for James.  

Never would've Aidyn thought that he was going to suffer the same fate as James Bennett. Through his exploration of a cave -- a misstep had him slipping into a steep, unknown tunnel that lead to the past.

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I love how it's like "I've never met him but i know he is the key to solving the missing part of me." Like wtf
ToryDuncan ToryDuncan Nov 09, 2016
I can't get over the fact that the guy on the cover looks like Ella O'Conner from Lorde.
SteelHalos00 SteelHalos00 Jun 02, 2016
He's  your missing half but you dont even know him and have never met him?...hmmm
JeeTheBee JeeTheBee Aug 03, 2016
I came because Khal Drago. Any Game Of Thrones fans!? 💁🏼🙆🏼
ScorpioQueen17 ScorpioQueen17 Jun 13, 2016
I find it hilarious that people call that a small town XD I live in the butt crack of nowhere in a town with literally 300 people, and that's a 20 year old census, I have never seen that many people around my town...
Probably-Lucifer Probably-Lucifer Jun 11, 2016
This reminds of one of those soul mate au's on tumblr, and I love it