Tossed and Turned (ManxBoy)

Tossed and Turned (ManxBoy)

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Matthew is sixteen years old and finally in a stable environment, after being in multiple foster homes. But then he gets kidnapped and his whole world changes after he discovers who the people around him really are. 
He will have to make choices in order to keep himself together and it will not be easy.


"What do you mean I can't run away from you? I've been running my whole life. So who are you to keep me here and tell me if I'm to stay or not!?"

The man slowly comes closer to me like an animal stalking its prey until I feel his warm breath on my forehead and I'm staring at his chest.

"Because I will always find you. Always. I just got you and I'm not planning on letting you go so soon."

With that said he walks away, leaving me alone, locked away in this huge room without any furniture or something to look at. The one thing he left with me is my imagination.


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  • gay
  • kidnapped
  • lgbt
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midnight180699 midnight180699 Jun 05, 2017
What do u mean its not a good story this is the third time im reading it. I forget to comment on this story cuz im too busy trying to find out wat happens next
SweaterBean SweaterBean Jan 14
Author:The original idea for this story was boyxgirl but;
                              Me: THE YAOI SIDE TOOK OVER!!!
- - Feb 12, 2016
I like BxB story more than straight story.... now i really2 addict to BxB....*stay back slowly*
pizzaistheshit pizzaistheshit Feb 14, 2016
To be honest i get grossed out by boyxgirl stories/smut even thought i'm staight myself
timetraveller123 timetraveller123 Aug 16, 2016
Hahahaha thought David Gandy even before I saw the cast list. It's meant to be.
p-h-a-s-e-s p-h-a-s-e-s Jan 10, 2016
It was a great book and its really addicting.I was upset that it was over,but the ending was worth it.😭😅