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Alice bloom By 6BlueRoses Updated Jul 04

Alisha looses her parents in a rouge attack. Being the Alpha's only daughter, now she has to take care of her pack, she is only 18 years old and scared. In the middle of all this she finds her mate, the prince. When she finds her mate she finally thinks she can be happy again, but he rejects her. She had never been so sad and broken in her life.

Joshua, a royal prince, had been waiting for his mate from a long time but he had to reject her for some reason. His life had always been in darkness and he is waiting to chase away all the dangers so that he can be with his mate.

Join them in their journey as they uncover the secrets of the past and witness the bonds that are formed and the ones that are broken.



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LoveRed25 LoveRed25 Apr 12, 2017
The theme is good....and the bit of extract from the chapter is also interesting...... Great work....
- - Mar 06, 2017
Yeah, if he rejected you, you aren't his. Also, he needs to back off a bit. :D
Ashmem Ashmem Aug 14, 2016
HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT????? I just watched two rated M horror movies and I'm WAY underage. I have no idea why I'm commenting about this but, just go with it XD
MsPresident14 MsPresident14 May 05, 2016
Oh.my.god. This is SO good! I'm sucked in already. Keep it up! #ohnohedidn't
Angel0fNight Angel0fNight Mar 20, 2016
I saw you comment on Facebook and this story is so far really, really, really good! Btw I'm Isa Wells lol
babygirl2133 babygirl2133 Sep 07, 2016
Ok np i am sorry i did that i write it on here because something is wrong with my message inbox when you get this you can delete this message) am sorry again:(