Angels And Demons | ✔

Angels And Demons | ✔

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[Completed on: 13 July 2018 + Unedited]


"Mine," he whispers in a husky voice as his canines sofly brushed against my neck, leaving me a whimpering mess.

"No," I whispered breathlessly and pull away from him. A low growl escapes his lips due to the emptiness in his arms.

"I can't do this. I'm not yours," I say and look him in the eyes. There was nothing I could do about this situation. I am helpless.

In a flash he grabs hold of my waist and pulls me towards him. Our bodies colliding.

"You're mine and only mine," he says and crashes his lips onto mine.


An unexpected turn in an angel's beautiful life leads her straight to the devil himself.

He was lost in darkness...

And she was his light.

He was a lost demon...

And she was the only angel who could find him.

Angels and demons clash as these two worlds worlds collide.

Hearts are broken...

Secrets resurface...

And pasts are revealed.

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