Ruthless Mate

Ruthless Mate

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Alexandria Longo By alexandriaae Completed

Alena Parker isn't just another girl. She's a werewolf, and not just any werewolf either; she's an alpha's daughter trained to kill faster than a wolf can howl.

After one little mishap, however, every little trick she's learned seemed to vanish like the moon every morning. She finds herself in the position of the mate of the merciless Alpha Bade. Rumored to be ruthless and cruel, she doesn't know what to expect as she's thrown into uncharted territory.

And to make matters even worse, and old monster from the past decides it's time to take action, not by ruining her life only, but everyone around her. 

From dealing with a new life to fighting bloodthirsty rogues, Alena knows things won't be easy, but she's about to fight to make sure everyone she loves is safe, even if there are a few costs along the way.

NOTE: This story isn't edited entirely and I will be editing it very soon.m

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Cool18c Cool18c Sep 20, 2017
Me and my brother on a daily basis 🤦🏻‍♀️😂♥️
67original_1901 67original_1901 Jul 08, 2016
Okay I'm sorry but I had to say this, "Three things that can't be hidden, the sun, the moon, the truth" TEEN WOLF!!😄 I loved how you used that, and I was totally fangirling when I read that on you book cover (good book cover by the way) anyways back to the story
wowkolyy wowkolyy Mar 12, 2016
                              I LOVE IT!!!
Aussiek Aussiek May 07, 2016
Legit crying right now, already attached to the characters !
67original_1901 67original_1901 Jul 08, 2016
That's me everyday, checking for texts or updates from Wattpad books, sadly life has it out for me so I never get either...well I get texts from friends but yeah
directionerforver511 directionerforver511 Dec 04, 2016
when you read the 1st chapter of a book and you already want to cry your eyes out.