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The Outcasts (a KomaHinaNami fanfic)

The Outcasts (a KomaHinaNami fanfic)

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OJ Hope N'Games By KomaHinaNami Updated Jun 27, 2016


A talentless boy,
A lonely girl,
And a suicidal teen.

Ever since he was a boy, Hajime Hinata knew something was different about himself, others saw it too. He felt no purpose in any way. He was just plain...ordinary, to be exact. No matter how many clubs, extracurricular activities, or sport teams he joined he's always the same. Nothing more and nothing less.

Chiaki Nanami formally was a confident girl. She used to believe in this warm-feeling called hope, until a certain day changed that. As life goes on she's bullies' number one target. Now a days she keeps to herself, thanks to her low self-esteem.

Lost, lonely, and depressed, Nagito Komaeda has lost it all. There's nothing left for him in this world, yet something out there keeps urgring him to live on. He doesn't know what it is but he'll know when he finds it.
Enjoy! <3

monokuma x fuyuhiko jk but seriously whats with the fan service
vsthetic vsthetic Apr 16
I don't really ship but the plot sounds extremely interesting so I'll give it a try :D
SapphireRuby123 SapphireRuby123 Aug 01, 2016
No, let them read Komahinanami even if they don't like it so they will also be infected with the hope virus or they'll just feel despair for not liking this ship
- - May 28, 2016
I hate it but in unison, I love it. I won't be rude, though. I promise.
SpiritTea SpiritTea Jan 20
Komaeda, stop describing me.
                              You're attractive like hOT DAMN.
DanganFreak14 DanganFreak14 Nov 17, 2016
😒😒😒 that last statement he was being serious right
                              Because I would totally date that fluffy marshmallow I'm not lying right now