Danganronpa Zodiac Signs by Rozielle19Akiyama
Danganronpa Zodiac Signsby ItZ CHrIsTa!!
Annyeong!! This is Rozielle19Akiyama!! I'm going to make a other Zodiac Sign......Since I make Anime Zodiac Signs...I'm going to makeko Danganronpa Zodiac Signs...Please...
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Danganronpa Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenerios by Reisuke_5th
Danganronpa Boyfriend/Girlfriend S...by L E A D E R
Wut the title says! Im unsure of how long this will be, and might add more characters along the way. Comments are totally welcome! I own none of the characters
  • boyfriend
  • romance
  • monokuma
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Dangan Ronpa x Reader by soudacan
Dangan Ronpa x Readerby souda 💕
~ back from the dead ~ leave your requests on the first request page/ on the Zoinks! page ~ have a good day?! ~ all one shots (:
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No Such Thing as Romance--Byakuya Togami x Reader Fanfic by HollowStars1
No Such Thing as Romance--Byakuya...by HollowStars
You've been enrolled into Hope's Peak Academy. You hoped it would be pretty typical, besides the elite feel to it. But that one blonde idiot keeps coming back. Cover Pho...
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• Bad Danganronpa Puns, Insults, Pick-Up Lines & More • by -FluffyPotato-
• Bad Danganronpa Puns, Insults, P...by She Got Hit By A Bus
Warning: Cringe and trauma ahead. Proceed with caution. (Beware of SPOILERS as well!) Do you ever stare out the window, gazing into the far distance with your mind blank...
  • anime
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Ouma The Explorer by Soudalicious
Ouma The Explorerby Kazoo Pop
Also known as Kokichi gets ahold of Hagakure's weed stash
  • kokichi
  • ryoma
  • dora
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Finding Hope in Darkness by AhogeAdventures
Finding Hope in Darknessby AhogeAdventures
Hinata Hajime witnesses an incident that causes him much pain and grief. He questions himself, his past and the people closest to him. Will he fall into despair or hang...
  • danganronpa2
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Memories of Nagito - Desko by deskoblackthrone
Memories of Nagito - Deskoby Desko And Gracie The True Sto...
You were Nagito's best and only friend the only thing keeping him sane. What happens when he loses everything and only has you. And then you're forced to leave too. Wha...
  • nagitoxreader
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  • soniaxgundham
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Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 4 by Nimi_The_Knight
Ask Or Dare Dangan Ronpa: Book 4by Ultimate Dreamer
  • despair
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⇒anyway the wind blows. || drv3 x reader oneshots. by xminto
⇒anyway the wind blows. || drv3 x...by 【m i n t o . 希】
❝nothing really matters to me.❞ -requests are always open. ♥︎♥︎♥︎
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[DanganXKatekyo] Hope's Peak Academy by Kuubixient
[DanganXKatekyo] Hope's Peak Acade...by Alto ☆彡
[Dangan Ronpa and Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover!] Cover by @FoxcatAI Sawada Tsunayoshi finally acclaimed the title of the Tenth Vongola Boss, finally engaging work in...
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISHMENT TIIME! by kirigiri987
Danganronpa x Reader - It's PUNISH...by Uta-chan
Originally just a one-shot of a Byakuya punishment time but now I will take requests. Thats right. . .if you want to kill off your favourite characters this is the place...
  • chihiro
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Hajime Hinata x Reader (What is talent?) by EternalKibo
Hajime Hinata x Reader (What is ta...by EternalKibo
Y/N woke up on an Island not knowing their talent. There are many things she did but nothing she would call talent. She meets 16 other students stuck on the same island...
  • ronpa
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  • xreader
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String//Nagito Komeada  by soudacan
String//Nagito Komeada by souda 💕
soulmate au: when you turn 18, you are attached to your soulmate by a string.
  • danganronpaxreader
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On the Beach at Night [Nagito x Reader] by 88exile
On the Beach at Night [Nagito x Re...by 88exile
He fills your heart with a beautiful song of hope and despair. Will he ever hear it? Contains spoilers for Danganronpa 1, 2, 2.5, and 3! Takes place during DR2 and the l...
  • despair
  • piano
  • island
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DanganRonpa Character Applications (CLOSED!) by HyperDR
DanganRonpa Character Applications...by Despair Evolved
You have a chance for your Original Character to take part in a DanganRonpa-style killing game...with a twist! Available Spots: 0/32 CLOSED!
  • game
  • monokuma
  • despair
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Ask or Dare Danganronpa! by kirigiri987
Ask or Dare Danganronpa!by Uta-chan
You can ask/dare anything you want to either danganronpa 1 or 2. There are no restrictions but obviously some questions will probably be difficult to answer- Nagito: but...
  • naegi
  • ronpa
  • dangan
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What Do You Want From Me? (Teacher! Hajime Hinata X Reader) by anna--senpai
What Do You Want From Me? (Teacher...by アナ先輩
Hopes Peak's Reserve Course's alumni Hajime Hinata is responsible for teaching main course class 77B. Having only graduated 3 years prior, he is practically still a stud...
  • dangan
  • hajime
  • sdr2
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Danganronpa: Frozen Mayhem by elyria_xx
Danganronpa: Frozen Mayhemby Elyria
Sixteen Super High School Level students, stranded in a desolate school in Antarctica. The only way out is to commit the perfect murder - and get away with it. What coul...
  • spinoff
  • fanganronpa
  • fanfiction
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The 79th Class Of Hopes Peak Academy by Raging_Yandere
The 79th Class Of Hopes Peak Acade...by RagingYandere
16 masters of their art forms are trapped inside a school for the talented forced to kill each other (DanganRonpa Fan Fic)
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