Rejected [boyxboy]

Rejected [boyxboy]

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Ashton Black. A 17 year old homophobe who's been waiting for his mate since he was 16. Soon to be alpha and in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the pack. Perfect life right? Well not anymore. 

On the first day of his senior year. Ashton meets Gabriel, his mate. Ashton is homophobic and thinks Gabriel is a stupid, worthless human. So Ashton rejects Gabriel without a second thought, just like that.

The thing is. Gabriel is nothing but normal.

So how will Ashton react when he sees Gabriel for what Gabriel really is? 

Will he accept him?

Or will he continue denying the bond?

Read and find out

*              *

I suck at descriptions so sorry, hope you read the story

iSawJamesFirst iSawJamesFirst 2 days ago
Dear author...did u slam your palm on the keyboard to get that number?😂😂 cuz thats what i would do
Wow innocent after 6 thousand year if he was human he would have die and lives and die a virgin for so many generations
My parents would beat my aśš if I hated on someone for their preference. 😂 😂 😂
You couldnt use some easy to pronounce names?All the names look like you have the make a hacking spit sound in them. 😑😑
CraMny CraMny Nov 20
This Is Severe Craziness. He's Talking To Himself Like Four Times. 😂😂😂