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asian trash By thewolf_writer Completed

Ashton Black. A 17 year old homophobe who's been waiting for his mate since he was 16. He's soon to be alpha and in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the pack. Perfect life right? Well not anymore. 

On the first day of his senior year. Ashton meets Gabriel, his mate. Ashton is homophobic and thinks Gabriel is a stupid, worthless human. So Ashton rejects Gabriel without a second thought, just like that.

The thing is. Gabriel is nothing but ordinary.

So how will Ashton react when he sees Gabriel for what Gabriel really is? 

Will he accept him?

Or will he continue denying the bond?

  • alpha
  • angel
  • boyxboy
  • hell
  • hybrid
  • lgbt
  • love
  • malexmale
  • mate
  • regret
  • rejected
  • vampire
  • war
  • warlock
  • werewolf
  • wolf
Qvcplus Qvcplus Dec 30, 2017
I feel kind of bad admitting this, but  I would love to be able to read peoples minds. I just feel it could help, me with how people are feeling. Also, I could see if my ships were true at my school.
I want to enter your body repeatedly with a thrusting action... No homo though.
Ummm well one you’re a werewolf and two your gay sooooo.... idk shut up?
MariahCareyVevo MariahCareyVevo 11 hours ago
Loooo I thought it was mosquito at first. I was like whuuuuuu....
bananatubey bananatubey Jan 07
i’d hate to have this many voices in my head, i already don’t like my own voice in my head lmaoo
Nychta15 Nychta15 Jan 05
Wow and since you Sleep around a lot I feel sorry for your mate that they will be stuck with a whore like you