No ¥ou Don't Alph@

No ¥ou Don't Alph@

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alyssavn96 By alyssavn96 Updated Feb 06

How would you react when the person your sepoused to love and to love you back rejects you? Trust me when I tell you I didn't take it well. I never exepted his rejection but I did take a crowbaar to his brand new porche.

Me? My name is Raven,Raven Parks. I'm sixteen. O yeah did I forget to mension I'm a werewolf. And when a werewolf turns 16 he/she finds their mate and they have to love and acsept each oher. Well I call bullshit on the whole thing.My mate rejected me and he is sooo gonna regret it.

My name is Mason Rivers,I the Alpha of the Light Dawn pack. I found my mate and I was godsmacked at who she was. Raven Parks,her,out of all the girls in the pack it had to be her. I rejected her and do you know what she said. She said "No" and I can tell she's going to make me regret it but I don't care.

This it gonna be one hell of a ride. This is a mini war between mates.

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Stellalight Stellalight Nov 05, 2016
I am almost sorry to say this but...
                              BITCH YOU LIE!
                              Did I mention 'almost.' 😉😉😂😂😂😂
frasermagoo frasermagoo Dec 31, 2015
no nothing wrong in fact like the sound of it hope you update soon