The Broken  (Book 1: Broken series)

The Broken (Book 1: Broken series)

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A/N: The name used to be Broken...Yet still holding on. Figured its time for a change. 

"Silo, tell me...did you claim her?" he looked guilty but didn't say anything  
"Did you?" I yelled feeling the tears falling  
"Its none of your fucking business Kira" his voice was a mixture of anger and sadness but I think he tried to sound mad 
"It is my business Silo" I said enraged 
"Why? Because we're mates?" this time he sounded mad 
"Yes" he looked at me with nothing but pure irritation  
"Fine, I Silo Adam Mitchell, soon to be alpha of the Midnight Light pack reject you Kira Rae Joseph as my mate" his voice sounded so annoyed, like I was nothing to him I was the bug under his feet  
"Why?" I asked my voice weak as I started to feel small pains in my heart  
"Why what?" irritation was clear in his voice 
"Why are you hurting me?" I held my stomach as the pain started to double  
"Because I hate you" 

How will she cope? Does she even survive? Read to find out.

  • action
  • rejection
  • revenge
  • werewolfromance