High On You (Phan) // Unfinished

High On You (Phan) // Unfinished

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Dan Howell is not a happy person. He relies on any type of high to get him through each day and he's never been in love with any girl he's dated. His parents want him to marry his girlfriend of two years, but he can't bring himself to marry someone he doesn't love, and who doesn't love him. He meets a man named Phil. Phil is so great, and has a lot in common with Dan. You'd think they'd be the perfect couple after they hit it off after only a day of knowing each other and become fast friends. Too bad they're both straight. Too bad his job causes him to lie to Phil perpetually. Too bad his feelings cause him to lie to Phil constantly. 

Can you look anyone in the eye and tell them you love them when you're lying about who you are? How long can you live on lies before everything falls apart?

//Gay slang : Extensive Drug and Alcohol usage : mentions of depression and suicide : extensive strong language : Explicit sexual content

I like muse
                              You like muse
                              LETS BE FRIENDS
                              ~ Actual Dan Howell
I literally read this fanfic with "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar and it goes so good with this fanfic js
I literally just got a headache from hold in that laughter because my mom is asleep.
olibersykez olibersykez Jul 04
Another reminder that Dan and Phil don't like labels so don't give their sexual orientation a label
Plot twist PHIL IS A COP!!!! 😱 I guess you have to put Dan in handcuffs. 😏