The Book of Lies || Phan

The Book of Lies || Phan

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TRASH By DansPlacenta Completed

After Dan Howell dies at the tragically young age of 26, he is greeted by death with a book.

A book of every lie that anyone had ever told him.

This seems like harmless fun but as he nears the end, he realized everything isn't as it seemed in life with his best friend,
Phil Lester.

Ship: Phan
Genre: fluff/angst (no smut)
Trigger Warnings: male X male, major character death, suicide, self harm, existencial questions, depression, abuse, torture situations, substance abuse  and panic attacks. 
(i want all of you to be safe and happy whilst reading this so if you are triggered by any of these please don't read)

WannaGoHang WannaGoHang Nov 24
I finished this a while back and I miss it so much. It was amazing!
pupluve721 pupluve721 Nov 06
Damn if this was real most all of my lies  would be the same "I'm Okay" "I'm Fine" "Fine (when I stopped liking to talk to I cut out unnecessary words)"
solphangelo solphangelo Nov 11
Sucy27 Sucy27 Nov 20
Just like a child in Christmas morning waiting to open their presents
Car-nez Car-nez Nov 05
That last sentence is so neat to think about. I love this writing style