The nerds secretly a street fighter

The nerds secretly a street fighter

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monaelmasry By monaelmasry Updated Sep 01

Book cover is by: bikie16

Alexandra johns is one of the best street fighters in the world, you see but know one knows that's because she is her schools nerd, yep you heard right, a NERD. 

What happens when she rocks up to school with a huge bruise on her face, of course the bad boy has to notice. But what he doesn't know is that he was the one that caused it. 
 ____________________________________sorry but I'm not really great with descriptions and stuff like this. Please vote and comment it would appreciated.

Yep my alarm sounds like a person screaming too😂😂😂😂😂I'm dying rn😂😂😂😂
If someone at my school wore that I would legit think they hiding something cuz that's the cliche nerd outfit all the nerds I seen just wear jeans and a oversize hoodie and some times glasses no offense tho Author
Me:  oh hell no...*rubs hands together and gestures to face with one hand* bitch if she's trash then you the dumpster.... anything can makes its way into your holes
What kind of alarm is it I mean damn how do you smash an alarm to pieces?!?!
theboygirl theboygirl Nov 29
*i might have hurt it a little too hard* yeah just a little 😂😂
Omg I honestly love this book already but with all the pictures I have seen in books like this I don't understand why all the women who are boxing are still wearing makeup at all