Are badboys protective?

Are badboys protective?

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"Are you willing to go for 40?" Blake questioned with a smirk on his face causing my blood to boil but forcing myself to think of the good side.

"20?" Just ignore him Emily, he is just trying to mess with you, ignore him

"10?" I looked at the teacher hoping he will help me but his asleep, just great.

"5?" I got up pushing my chair back as it falls to the floor with a loud bang causing heads to turn to us, I grabbed my book and aimed it at his head. But as I don't have any skills in chucking it ended up hitting the teacher

Great now I just hit a teacher over the head with a massive Science book.


Emily Miller, brown hair, blue eyes and a personality that can make any guys heart flutter.

Jacob Matthews, brown hair, green eyes and looks that can make any girl fall for him.

What happens when Jacob's and Emily's worlds crash together, he finds out that not only shes got a heart that is to die for but she is the whole package.

But his friends seem's to feel the same as they became really protective over Emily, its either he changes his ways for a girl he cares for or let his 'player best friends get her'

but he soon finds out that she has anger problems, serious anger problems so if someone gets on the wrong side of her they are dead.

Will Jacob be on the bad side of her?

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i threw a desk at me teacher, but it was meant for him. hes a douche
Divaliva Divaliva Jan 25
Divaliva Divaliva Jan 25
One time when I was in fourth grade we were taking a test and the teacher left for a few minutes (idk y) and this kid next to me kept playing with his hat and I grabbed it then threw it across the room...the next day the boy didn’t bring his hat to school.
                              -THE END-
kenthesav kenthesav Dec 21, 2017
I would have died laughing if I accidentally hit my sleeping teacher with a book
3mi1y_R053 3mi1y_R053 4 days ago
You basically just described me! My name is Emily, brown hair and blue/green/ yellow (changing color) eyes!
http_courtney http_courtney Mar 02, 2017
I accidentally slapped my teacher ... hard. This guy slapped my  a s s so I turned a round to slap him but instead I hit my teacher.