The Nerd's A Streetfighter

The Nerd's A Streetfighter

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I'm Lesley, you would think I'm this sweet innocent girl but, let's face it. I'm none of that. Usually 17 year old seniors would go and party but, I'm too busy fighting and not boxing, I street fight. During school I'm this stereotypical nerd who gets bullied all the time. They don't know that she's actually Crusher this fearless street fighter. 

Her parents are dead and she has no siblings at all, she lives by herself taking care of herself making sure no one knows that she is Crusher. So when the bad boy starts noticing her she will have to be extra careful. Soon enough though secrets will be exposed and new people will arrive in her life.

*This book has so many mistakes in it and I don't think I'll be editing them soon. Thank you so much for 100k+ reads!*

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slurpings slurpings Apr 16
*walks up to teacher*
                              "I don't now this can you help me"
                              *teacher looks up from paper 
                              "Get out"
Mandy_2940 Mandy_2940 Dec 28, 2016
She looks so pretty on the book cover, but when you describe her in this paragraph she sounds like she has no and she's....... Ugly. No offense
DanielaFranco386 DanielaFranco386 Apr 05, 2016
Where I can't see Her?oh there she is standing right in front of me whit her minions 😊
johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here 
                               i would like to get to know you
loveshe101 loveshe101 May 01, 2016
Wait. Wait. Wait. Doesn't her hoody go down when she fights. And how can a hoody cover her face fully