Vacation to the Palm Hotel | Fairy Tail

Vacation to the Palm Hotel | Fairy Tail

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A story in which the Fairy Tail guild goes on a vacation once winning a tournament.

ships: gale / nalu / grayza /gruvia / jerza / nali 

disclaimer: @mayson5281 does not own fairy tail or any of the characters in this story. i simply own the story line. 

I also wrote this when I was like 11 or something, so WARNING. I decided not to edit it. Instead I'll leave it as a little tribute to my beginnings and hopefully see my improvement from it.

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RandomFandoms153 RandomFandoms153 Jul 04, 2017
I never have anything planned out. I just write and see where it takes me XD
CinderOfTheNight CinderOfTheNight Oct 08, 2016
Clam down............Darn it! Mama Tad got me messed up! (If you don't know who Mama Tad is, please ignore)
FirePhoenixFlameAxe FirePhoenixFlameAxe Mar 29, 2016
she's probably trying to kill Grey and Natsu and was probably kissing up Jellal yes I'm pretty sure that's my story and I'm sticking to it
nalu-forever611 nalu-forever611 Jun 14, 2016
I don't get this book at all everything is all wrong why did you start it off as they are at the hotel instead of they getting ready to go to the hotel this book is so confusing arghhhh........
nineintheniche nineintheniche Oct 08, 2015
thanks for the ship name and of course you know I don't own Fairytail, but I heard I had to add it.
notstorm notstorm Jul 29, 2015
hey are u really Danielle if not srry for the intrusion someone told me this was my friend Danielle