Fairy Tail's Beach Vacation {Fairy Tail Watty Awards}

Fairy Tail's Beach Vacation {Fairy Tail Watty Awards}

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Gød_Ôf_Čäłāmįtÿ By FullThrottleFairy Completed

The Fairy Tail guild goes on vacation to a beach resort for all of the hard work they have done. Mirajane and Master have planned to stay for 2 weeks. 

There's always a twist to these kind of books, but there's a very big one here. 

All the well known and favorite ships are involved in this story and it is gonna get very interesting.

(NO LEMON!!!) 

P.S. I don't own Fairy Tail. I did get this idea from 2 other Fairy Tail Beach FanFic, so if you've read something similar and you think I stole the story, I'm warning you that I used the concept of their idea. I just mixed it up a little!

Says the guy not even in the guild or zero past with any of them (cuz Jellal isn't in FT but he still counts)
It's hard to find a good book these days. But after reading this chapter, I think I found one ;)
Nikkinetty Nikkinetty Nov 05
Stop the press is this perv saying he'd actually likes Wendy.is this sex asult.....I want pepper spray and a switchblade
Flame56 Flame56 Aug 17
Can you pleeeaaaase make Lucas a bit different. Or I'm gonna stop reading this book.
He definitely did not force many people to build something to resurrect someone and give Nastu a bloody good fight PFFT nahhh