Past and Future Meet       InuyashaxReader

Past and Future Meet InuyashaxReader

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mluna767 By mluna767 Updated Nov 10, 2015

You were half human and half demon dog. Both of your parents are dead and you are living alone. At school you deal with the bullying of how you will always be a demon and never human. 

After being treated by Kagome after another beating by some students you end up traveling to the feudal era somehow. You didn't know how it just happened. 

There you discover the shikon jewel in hopes of turning yourself human to get rid of the bullies. However you have a run in with Inuyasha who is reluctant about giving you a jewel shard. You decided to join him and the gang to find the missing jewel shards. 

Will you be able to turn human? Did you find more than what you expected?

xxYuKaNeexx xxYuKaNeexx May 02, 2016