Vanoss Crew And Friends X Reader Smut!

Vanoss Crew And Friends X Reader Smut!

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Marie Jean By MiniLover18 Updated Mar 15

All the smutty goodness for my lovely perv- I mean readers! (Eh, y'all know I'm a pervert for writing these so that makes y'all perverts for reading these, I won't sugar coat it 😂)

Its exactly what the title says!

X-You can request stuff too! As long as its for one of the guys and contains happy happy fun time!-X 

I only do guys x girl! No girl x girl or guy x guy, sorry!


I'll never see him away the same sweet adorable I'll think of him as that guy that gets they PVSSY!!
Azurafates Azurafates Jan 28
Mini my ass! Also am i the only one that any time the story says a specific amount of inches i look at a ruler to see how big it is?
That moment when your in school and your screaming and teacher cums (lol pun) over to see what I was reading this is awkward!!
Oh sexy mini imma call him Daddy right now ooo it's getting FUKING HOOOOT!!
Lruffner765 Lruffner765 Feb 19
*reads from valentine card* I may be called mini but I'm not mini where it matters