Reid's Girl // Spencer Reid Fanfic

Reid's Girl // Spencer Reid Fanfic

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Erica S. By OceanGirl2014 Completed

When Carmen Brooks comes to the BAU she doesn't expect what's coming. All she's ever known is that work and love have different places in the world. 

Until now. 

Everyone is accepting and kind and she's beginning to like her team and working in the FBI. She even starts to develop feelings for a certain Spencer Reid. But what happens when suddenly things start to change and she gets second thoughts of dropping everything to join the FBI and create a new name for herself? What if she doesn't know how much she's gotten herself into?

*I don't own Criminal Minds or any of the characters. Awesome as that would be...*

When its half two in the morning and ur trying not to cry beacuse u want a reid so bad CAUSE ME TOO
It was great but, for me personally, it seemed to go by really fast.
Bitch please!!! You 'assigning' it ain't  WORK!! 💁💁💁
sweettartgotswag sweettartgotswag Nov 22, 2015
Some told me this before when I was a wake and I said it's not going to work out. someone told me that and broke me. so no