Restless [Reckless Sequel] || Harry Styles AU

Restless [Reckless Sequel] || Harry Styles AU

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☼ By narryhugme Updated Nov 15, 2016

"I believe in whatever gets you through the night...Night is the hardest time to be alive ... and four A.M. knows all my secrets." - Lost Souls

Jessica Steele thinks she's experienced the worst of being famous. Harry Styles thinks his path in life is set in stone. Both are horribly wrong.

**Make sure you've read Reckless before reading this story.

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Hasn't it been two years since this? Shouldn't people be over that and into Harry?
RachelClarkkx RachelClarkkx Aug 12, 2016
The back seats are premium and I'm not paying extra for them bc I'm broke
SpacesBetweenU_s2015 SpacesBetweenU_s2015 Jul 06, 2016
U know what i just noticed? That I love doing hair and my name is Caroline. Stupid right bc I've been here since the first one was coming out
im-ali-sson im-ali-sson Jan 27, 2016
A song that's not on spotify... just ruined my "Jess - FREE" playlist bruh