S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing)

S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing)

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Richard Harley By RichardRHarley Completed

The story of Michael Thomas, a family man who worked for the U.S. army, and the experiments that were done on him.

 Shortly after after his return home from nearly six months as a captive of war, Michael is offered a top secret job that sounds too good to be true. When Michael refuses, he is dragged away from his family and tested on against his will, finding himself a prisoner once again, in a way he never imagined.


The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing

A psychological thriller.


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This is a work of fiction.

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infinitecolours infinitecolours Nov 12, 2016
Your depth of description is amazing . I can imagine everything as I read . I can  smell the mould and feel the fear .  Amazing !
cactusfruity cactusfruity Feb 04, 2016
Beautiful! Amazing! Extremely well written! You have amazing talent!
prawnsauce prawnsauce Jul 09, 2016
This is an amazing and gripping story, very well explained. I wonder how it goes for Michael...
jt0110 jt0110 Feb 20, 2016
Really good stuff. So descriptive -> fantastic imagery -> high tension. Absolutely love it...
ndisami ndisami Nov 04, 2016
How did he know that the gun shots twice if it was point blank?
Maxiemoomoo Maxiemoomoo Jan 09, 2016
This is literally the first story I'm reading on this site, and I'm happy I chose this one! love the cliff hanger!