Wandering to Devotion (GRADUAL UPDATING)

Wandering to Devotion (GRADUAL UPDATING)

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Being alone in a secluded cottage can change a person of who they are. Toshiko turned into a person she's never been before in her precious years-- void and careful, distrustful yet compassionate. She wasn't a professional kunoichi, but she could wield a katana.

       After being found sometime later, her whole world as she knew it would diminish.  The Uchiha clan leader, whom found her, had honored that fact, and she was to reside with him. She has an infamous history she has yet to know about, and soon the light of her existence would shine too much, that other villains plot to make capture of her. In order to stop this as much as possible, a mission must be taken to go to the designated countries that threats her life and cease plans before they can start. As the adventure unfolds, so does the woman and the story she creates anew.

...With the Uchiha's despicable presence in tow as well.

•Contains vulgarity, gore, and fair sexual content.•

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