Madara Uchiha | the thorns in the shadows

Madara Uchiha | the thorns in the shadows

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cool cool By BUBSAA Updated Aug 02

*book one in the Uzumaki series* 

Tomomi Uzumaki is only a girl during the warring periods of the Shinobi world. 

Life causes growth, and death causes change. 

And you can aid either side. 

~~ updates once a week or 2 weeks depending on how busy I am ~~


This Fanfiction is set during the Warring States Period where Madara and Hashirama were growing up, please do not get butt-hurt if I change events. 

Canon characters are based on what information has been given by the creators. 

Techniques and powers are also based on what information has been given.


| Naruto Fanfiction. Naruto belongs to Kishimoto |

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Wattpad has been pissing me off lately like midway while I’m reading it would suddenly freeze and I can’t move it at all
I don't like liars, but if it you, Madara, I'll make an exception.
InfoChan12 InfoChan12 Jun 26
I knew it was him from the beginning cuz of the nickname " pin-head"
beatrice_fabz beatrice_fabz Jul 10, 2017
There should be no rules when it comes to writing fanfictions. The only thing the author has to be careful of is writing about things that define the basic laws of the Narutoverse. Like giving god/goddess like abilities to little kids. 
                              Your story seems good so far 😊
                              ELIZA YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME
                              I WROTE TO THE GENERAL A MONTHA AGO//slappedddd
                              (i had to xD)
Do you?I mean,he DID and you DID tell him your weak spot about....*ahem*....The Peewee thing...